Stein Lab Members

Barry E. Stein, PhD, Lab Director
Research Interests: Multisensory integration, its circuitry and critical experiential and developmental antecedents.

Thomas Perrault, Jr., PhD
Research Interests: Cortical-subcortical interactions in multisensory integration.

Benjamin Rowland, PhD
Research Interests: Computational bases of multisensory integration, temporal dynamics of integration.

Graduate / Professional Students

Caterina Bertini, Graduate Student

Ryan Miller, Graduate Student

Liping Yu, Graduate Student

Hermes Hernandez, Medical Student


Terrence Stanford, PhD

John McHaffie, PhD

Paul Laurienti, MD, PhD

Mark Wallace, PhD, Vanderbilt University

Thomas Anastasio, PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Elisabetta Ladavas, PhD, University of Bologna