Clinical research is a core mission of CIIRRC. This mission spans the full spectrum of care from pre-hospital (EMS) to acute and critical care and post-hospital care (rehabilitation and outpatient visits) and the full spectrum of science from bench research to bedside, back to bench and finally to the community.


CIIRRC is building and implementing multidepartmental and transdisciplinary science teams within and beyond the Wake Forest academic enterprise.

These teams help:

  • Attract and train new basic and clinical investigators
  • Engage local and national communities
  • Implement discovery into best medical practices
  • Advance health policies with a strong emphasis on cutting-edge clinical trials.

Fostering translational collaborations spanning the spectrum from basic science research to clinical and population based research and has created several multi-investigator teams. Transdisciplinary collaborations through CIIRRC succeeded in joining NIH PETAL Network, participation in USCIIT, procuring and maintaining collaborative R01s, and advancing industry funded clinical trials.

Collaborations between CIIRRC and other centers and research areas include:

Funding Opportunities

Current funding includes the PETAL grant administered by the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, Blood Institute (NHLBI) with $80 million dollars directed towards this initiative across 12 primary institutions

Mentorship and Pilot Grants

CIIRRC fosters early-career researchers into established investigators through mentorship and pilot grants. Junior faculty seeking training grants and development funding receive the support and mentorship of established researchers within CIIRRC. CIIRRC also sponsors pilot grants yearly with the goal of fostering new collaborations and developing multidisciplinary teams. It is the goal that these pilot projects lead to highly competitive K or R01 applications.