The Critical Illness, Injury and Research Recovery Research Center (CIIRRC) seeks to improve the burden of critical care-related disorders on human health. Our approach, including prevention, treatment and recovery, will use a discovery-based model to bridge the translational research spectrum of basic, clinical, epidemiologic and health policy sciences. As an established named center in an area of acute illness, the CIIRRC fills a current gap that can positively impact our academic center and community.

CIIRRC’s mission is to unite distinguished, nationally funded investigators into a unique and cohesive venture that focuses on the care of the critically injured and critically ill. By doing so, we not only better leverage our available resources but also extend value to other academic medical centers.

To accomplish its mission, the CIIRRC will integrate established research programs into multidepartmental and transdisciplinary team science. A vital part of that is attracting and training new investigators, connecting with local and national communities and leveraging resources across multiple departments, institutes and centers. Interest in CIIRRC’s mission is a key criterion, and members are eligible to apply for pilot grant opportunities within the center.