Caregivers College and Black Mens Health Initiative

Caregivers MACHEAfrican American Men Healthy-Brain Initiative (AMenHBI): A clinician-led African American Men Healthy-Brain Initiative outreach program will be developed to motivate older AA men to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors and in ADRC research initiatives. 

This project will focus on outreach and community partnering with two groups frequently excluded from targeted outreach efforts to engage racial/ethnic minorities, AA men and AA caregivers. These groups have not been targeted in the original scope of work for ADRC OR Core. The proposed programs represent an important expansion of the educational and outreach programs that will focus on specific needs of these groups. 

We will create reciprocal and dignified partnerships in severely disenfranchised AA communities in Winston-Salem, NC, targeting those communities with: 

  • Higher burden of AD
  • Lower literacy about AD
  • Lower access to health information, health resources and health care

We will leverage and build upon community engagement infrastructure provided by the WF ADRC, the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity (MACHE), and the Integrating Special Populations (ISP) Program of the WF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). We will harness resources made possible via partnerships with the faith-based community, and Historically Black Colleges such as Winston-Salem State University and the Center for Outreach in Alzheimer’s Aging and Community Health (COAACH) at NC A&T State University. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Men’s Health Initiative or the Caregivers College please contact:

Takiyah Starks