R01-funded work in cooperation with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to compare NICU medication order and Medication Administration Record (MAR) data in real time and notify clinicians when there is a discrepancy (possible error). This work incorporates smart-infusion-pump data into MAR error-detection algorithms, then comparing orders to the MAR, then to smart-pump data. The goal is to scale the work into other NICUs and adult ICU settings.  

IV Poles ICU Safe Wake Forest Center for Healthcare Innovations

Aim 1: Real-time notification of errors 

  • Integrating with the clinical environment: live in CCHMC NICU  

Aim 2: Porting algorithms to other environments

  • Assessing portability: adult ICU workflows very different, scalability 

Aim 3: Adding smart infusion pump data into the algorithms 

  • Descriptive analysis, Identifying errors, writing algorithms 

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