About Me


My research focuses on computational injury biomechanics using medical image analysis, finite element (FE) modeling and field data analysis to study automotive, military, aerospace and aging-related injury, with a particular focus on musculoskeletal health and fracture. My group aims to advance the injury biomechanics field by applying sophisticated imaging and modeling approaches to predict, mitigate and prevent musculoskeletal injury in both high-energy trauma (e.g. automotive, military, aerospace) and low-energy trauma (e.g. older adult falls).

I also direct recruiting for our graduate program and undergraduate summer research program.

Questions? Contact our graduate program at BME-Grad@wakehealth.edu and our REU program at BME-REU@wakehealth.edu.

Current Projects

  1. Vertebral Strength and Injury Risk in Astronauts of Long-Duration Space Missions -- We use CT, MRI, and FE modeling to quantify vertebral and spinal muscle degradation in astronauts exposed to long-duration microgravity on the International Space Station.
  2. Effect of Protein Supplementation During Weight Loss on Older Adult Bone Health -- In this clinical trial, we are determining whether higher dietary protein intake during and following weight loss will attenuate losses of vertebral and femoral bone mineral density, cortical thickness, and bone strength and reduce bone marrow adiposity in older adults with obesity.
  3. Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) -- We investigate seriously injured motor vehicle crash occupants and pedestrians treated at our Level I trauma center. Our team conducts detailed crash investigations to collect engineering evidence from the crash scene and vehicle. This evidence and the occupant's medical data is used to determine injury causation.

Education Program Involvement

Biomedical Engineering PhD Program Research Interest: Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Biomedical Imaging, Cardiovascular Engineering, Nanomedicine and Nanobioengineering, Neuroengineering, Tissue Engineering, Translational Cancer Research