About Me

I am an instructor in the Department of Pathology and Section on Comparative Medicine at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

As a board-certified veterinary pathologist, my primary interests are in comparative geropathology (the study of aging and age-related diseases), vascular pathology, radiation late effects, metabolic disease and primatology.

Additionally, I lead clinical research for the Wake Forest Radiation Late Effects Cohort of nonhuman primates and a pathologist for the Wake Forest Primate Cancer Initiative.

I completed veterinary medical training at North Carolina State University and a residency and postdoctoral fellowship in veterinary anatomic pathology at Wake Forest University. I became an American College of Veterinary Pathologists Diplomate in 2021.

Away from the lab, I spend my time building and maintaining a permaculture homestead with my wife. I also enjoy building and riding bicycles, long-distance running, homebrewing beer, reading and writing speculative-postmodern-utopian science fiction and bushwhacking through laurel thickets in Western North Carolina with my son and our many dogs.