About Me

I am Co-Director of the Center for Redox Biology and Medicine as well as Co-Director of the T32 Training Program in Redox Biology and Medicine, joining the other Wake Forest T32 Training Program in Structural and Computational Biophysics that I helped build previously. I serve on the Editorial Board of the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine (FRBM), and in 2017 I was appointed as a Fellow of the Society for Redox Biology and Medicine (SfRBM). In 2005 I received the (inaugural) Mid-Career Basic Science Research Investigator Award from Wake Forest School of Medicine. I helped establish and served as vice chair and chair (2010 and 2012) of the Gordon Research Conference on Thiol-Based Redox Regulation and Signaling. I have published >150 mostly primary research papers, at least 28 of which have been cited more than 100 times.

Research Laboratory

Poole Lab - Studying thiol-based antioxidant enzymes and signal transduction mechanisms involving reactive oxygen species.

Education Program Involvement

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD

Molecular Genetics and Genomics PhD

Molecular Medicine and Translational Science PhD