Wake Forest University School of Medicine provides a robust offering of academic, financial, and well-being services. While many students utilize these resources, some may benefit from additional support.

With that understanding, a multidisciplinary CARE Team was established with the aim of identifying students in or heading toward disabling distress, harm to self or harm to others. This team has a protocol for receiving consultations, assessing risk, responding and educating.

The role of the CARE Team is to:

Partner with faculty, staff or students to collaboratively problem solve.

Triage and assess risk based on the NABITA risk rubric.

Provide support and follow-up as necessary.

Share information and resources among programs and proactively engage with all programs and campus partners to identify patterns or trends that may impact the learning environment.

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CARE Team Representatives

MD Program
John James
Nursing Programs
Heather Johnson
PA Program
Ethan Stonerook
Graduate Programs
Bernard Roper