Student Affairs supports individual students across all educational programs at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine by taking primary responsibility for all large-scale events, the learning environment, oversight of all student groups and educational support programs for academic and career advising, as well as educator development.

In conjunction with the Learning Communities (Houses) and offices of Student Inclusion and Diversity and Student Wellness, we provide academic, career and personal counseling and advising. The office can also arrange for special tutorial assistance or referral for formal learning evaluations. Together, we strive to achieve the following vision, mission and goals:


Engaged, empowered and cared-for students become engaging, empowering and caring health care professionals.

Mission Statement

We support a challenging yet nurturing learning environment that produces innovative health care professionals equipped to provide exemplary patient care and to lead medicine in the 21st century.


  • Foster student development as a health care professional by:
    • Helping students achieve academic success.
    • Guiding students through their career pursuits.
    • Promoting wellness of the whole student (intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual).
  • Support a School of Medicine learning environment that is free of mistreatment and embodies principles of integrity and mutual respect.
  • Cultivate diversity and a culture of inclusion for the School of Medicine student body through recruitment and retention of exceptional diverse students.
  • Maintain pathways to careers in medicine and science for diverse students.