The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-accredited one-year Sleep Medicine Fellowship at Wake Forest University School of Medicine provides extensive experience in the clinical evaluation and management of a variety of sleep disorders across all ages. Fellows gain proficiency in the use of diagnostic tools in evaluation, including:

  • Polysomnogram
  • Multiple sleep latency testing
  • Maintenance of wakefulness test
  • Portable sleep studies

After completing the program, fellows are eligible to take the exam leading to certification in sleep medicine.

Why Train at Wake Forest?

Our full-fledged sleep center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It has eight adult and two pediatric sleep beds, and we have plans to expand the pediatric sleep beds. The fellowship also provides an opportunity to participate in a research project with the sleep faculty.

Wake Forest is a large health system with national reputation and academic excellence.  Our program provides a collegial and nurturing environment with excellent collaboration with our multidisciplinary providers whose goal is to train our fellows to be independent, confident and excel in the practice of sleep medicine once they complete their fellowship.  We provide a platform for scholarly activity throughout the 12 month of fellowship and provide them with opportunities which can be tailored to their interest.  We highly value the feedback provided by our sleep medicine fellows and have used them continuously to improve our program.

Virtual Tour

Depending on your rotation, you may train at facilities across our system. Explore below a few of the spaces where fellows of this program spend a lot of their time. Navigate the drop-down to switch rooms and use your mouse (or finger for touch screens) to rotate around the room.