Renal Pathology Rotation

Renal biopsy is the gold standard in the diagnosis of kidney diseases. Our laboratory receives the biopsy material from transplant, adult and pediatric nephrology patients as well as material from non-neoplastic nephrectomies, covering all aspects of renal pathology. The one month rotation is usually undertaken by senior pathology residents and provides practical knowledge about the organization of renal pathology service, the principles and practice of renal pathology.


  • To become familiar with the terminology and fundamentals of renal pathology, related pathogenetic mechanisms, common medical renal diseases and transplant pathology.
  • To learn how to handle a renal biopsy specimen and divide the tissue for different study modalities.
  • To acquire practical experience with the different techniques used in evaluating a medical renal biopsy.
  • To be able to communicate the biopsy result and discuss a case with the clinician.

Rotation Structure

During the day, the resident will evaluate fresh renal biopsies for tissue adequacy, provide feedback to the clinician and apportion the tissue for different examination modalities. Individual mini-lectures are given by the faculty to cover the common areas of the native and transplant kidney pathology. 3-4 cases are assigned for self-study and later reviewed with the faculty. A large number of cases are available and during the rotation, all important aspects of renal pathology will be covered.  At the end of the rotation, a short quiz is given. Students specifically interested in renal pathology will be able to participate in a research project (a research project will typically take longer than a month). 

The resident is expected to spend time in the immunofluorescence and electron microscopy laboratories to learn the basics of tissue preparation and the appropriate study techniques.

Subspecialty Conferences

  • Monthly nephrology fellows conference, second Thursday.
  • Monthly renal pathology conference, last Friday.
  • Monthly renal transplant pathology conference, to be announced.