Molecular Pathology/HLA Rotation

The molecular pathology rotation will provide the resident a one block introduction to the subspecialty of molecular pathology. The course will provide an introduction to the theory and methods of molecular diagnostics as well as clinical correlation. The rotation can be completed at any point in the residency training, and the objectives will be the same. Exposure to inherited disease testing will be gained in the Molecular Genetics Laboratory. An introduction to the HLA laboratory will also be included in either the Molecular Pathology or Cytogenetic rotation, depending upon faculty availability. Additional elective rotations are available depending on the interest of the resident.

The rotation responsibilities include:

  • Attending the weekly PCR Lab meeting.
  • Completing assignments and meeting regularly with faculty for molecular topic discussions.
  • Rotating through and observing procedures in the HLA and Molecular Genetics lab.
  • Observe laboratory procedures 
  • Interpreting data and preparing reports for assays performed in the PCR Lab.
  • Presenting cases at twice monthly CP conference.
  • Giving a 25-30 minute presentation to the molecular pathology lab technologists on a molecular pathology topic of the resident’s choice.

Rotation Highlights

  • Hands-on time in the laboratory
  • Interaction with faculty in molecular genetics to gain understanding of the discipline