Hematopathology Rotation

The Hematology/Hematopathology training for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center AP/CP residents is a multifaceted program designed to instruct the resident in the methods used for detection, analysis and measurement of hematologic specimens, for interpretation and diagnosis of hematopoietic disorders. 

The overall curriculum consists of three specific educational and training components:

  • One block of Basic Hematology in which the resident which includes laboratory instrumentation, body fluid analysis, urinalysis, and coagulation
  • Three blocks of evaluating bone marrow and peripheral blood specimens
  • Two blocks of evaluating surgical hematopathology specimens (lymph nodes, spleens, mucosal associated lymphoid tissues) and flow cytometric analysis

In all cases the residents take an active role in interpreting the specimens prior to sign-out with faculty. The hematopathology services are busy with approximately 1700 bone marrow cases, 750 surgical cases and 2400 flow cytometry cases.

Rotation Highlights

  • Variety of interesting and challenging cases on a daily basis
  • Five hematopathologists who are excellent teachers