Resident Reflections


Nikita Jain, MD
HO1 – Intern Year Resident

"The Neurology program at Wake Forest truly provides you with the best in every category. From a supportive PD, and faculty/senior residents who are always willing to mentor and guide you, to a curriculum that will give you a diverse and well-rounded clinical experience. With representation of every sub-specialty of the field, you will not only gain first-hand experience from specialty experts, but also be presented with an amplitude of research opportunities. My personal career interest is in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology."

Randy Dunston, MD
HO2 Adult Neurology Resident

"I chose Wake Forest because of the awesome culture. During my interview the residents and faculty were very friendly and create a welcoming and supportive work environment. Additionally, Wake Forest serves a huge geographic area, so residents get exposure to a large number of interesting patients and are well prepared for independent practice. Winston-Salem is also the perfect size city - not too crowded like other big cities but also a short drive to Charlotte or Raleigh."

Ashish Gulati, MD
"I chose Wake Forest Neurology for residency because of its unparalleled emphasis on community and its family-like residency. The best thing about being a resident here is that I get to be part of that family dynamic and help build the stepping stones for future neurology residents to come. Winston-Salem also inherits that same emphasis on community with several breweries, local restaurants, and hikes to delve into during your time off. "