Educational Curriculum and Schedule

Expectations of Year 1

  • Function as part of Movement Disorders interdisciplinary team 
  • Evaluate new and continuing clinic patients with the supervision of a Movement Disorders faculty member. In addition to general Movement Disorders clinics, clinic assignments will include Parkinson’s Disease Interdisciplinary Clinic, Huntington’s Clinic, Dementia Clinic, Tics/Tourettes Clinic in Pediatric Neurology, Wilson’s Disease Clinic, and Botox clinics
  • Consistently attend and present patients at DBS Surgical Conferences and Movement Disorders Case Conferences
  • Attend other clinical conferences as time allows, such as Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry conferences
  • Become familiar with aspects of botulinum toxin treatment including appropriate selection of patients, toxin choice, selection of injection sites and dosage, and usage of electrophysiological equipment including handheld EMG and electrical stimulation devices for injection guidance
  • Become familiar with appropriate selection of patients, counseling of patients, and the preoperative work-up for deep brain stimulation
  • Become familiar with Brainlab software for electrode mapping and use of DBS programming platforms
  • Engage in teaching opportunities with students, residents, and/or the public
  • Identify and begin work on a research project that could lead to presentation at an academic conference and/or publication

Expectations of Year 2

Continuation of Year 1 training and:

  • Competency in EMG-guided and electrical stimulation-guided botulinum toxin injection for dystonia, tremor and spasticity, and botulinum toxin injection for sialorrhea
  • Competency in intraoperative microelectrode recording as part of Phase 1 DBS
  • Competency in complex medical management of Parkinson’s disease
  • Competency in DBS programming for tremor, Parkinson’s disease, and dystonia
  • Completion of the research project started in Year 1, culminating in presentation at a conference and/or publication in a peer-reviewed journal