Wake Forest Department of General Surgery offers a one-year post residency fellowship in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Our fellowship is accredited through the Fellowship Council in Advanced GI/Minimally Invasive/Bariatric/Foregut surgery. There is also a robust abdominal wall experience. We follow the Fellowship Council curriculum for Advanced MIS/GI and the ASBMS fellow curriculum for bariatric surgery. Our fellows are hired as an assistant instructor and treated as a junior partner. A strong residency experience with a high level of autonomy is required. We strive to educate the future leaders in surgery. 

Bariatric surgery is housed inside a comprehensive weight management program. Robotic surgery, particularly robotic abdominal wall surgery, is a growing part of the experience. In addition to the fellow, the MIS service has five attendings, three residents and medical students. Education, research and leadership are all expected from the fellow. Applications and timelines can be found through The Fellowship Council

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