Gastroenterology Fellowship Curriculum

Our curriculum is carefully designed with the goal of preparing each fellow to become an expert consultant across the breadth of gastroenterology and hepatology. We’ve designed our curriculum to provide a balanced training experience encompassing the cognitive and procedural aspects of our subspecialty.

Our educational program includes hands-on experiences at the bedside as well as didactic instruction in our conferences. We have a major emphasis on scholarship, with protected time and mentorship for research in both clinical investigation and quality improvement. We recognize that a rewarding career in gastroenterology and hepatology can take many different forms; we value each fellow’s chosen career path and are committed to providing the training necessary to achieve that goal.

Virtual Tour

Depending on your rotation, you may train at facilities across our system. Explore below a few of the spaces where fellows of this program spend a lot of their time. Navigate the drop-down to switch rooms and use your mouse (or finger for touch screens) to rotate around the room.

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Clinical Rotations

Our rotations are designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of gastroenterology and hepatology.

Conferences and Didactics

We have three hours of educational conferences weekly, with the explicit goals of providing the essential medical knowledge needed to become an expert consultant in gastroenterology and hepatology, preparing our fellows for success on the ABIM certifying exam, and developing the skills needed for life-long learning.   Our conferences are prepared and delivered by the fellows and faculty of our section, as well as our colleagues in surgery, pathology, and radiology.  The format of our conferences consists not only of a didactic presentation, but substantial time is reserved for discussion among the fellows and faculty.  Because of the collegial nature and diverse training backgrounds of our fellows and faculty, spirited discussions of differing points of view are a standard feature of our conferences.