EMS Fellowship Affiliated Programs

In addition to assisting in all EMS medical director duties, fellows may participate with our affiliated programs and agencies including:

Disaster Medicine

The fellow may participate in several facets of disaster medicine. North Carolina maintains State Medical Assistance Teams (SMAT) with Team-II located in Winston-Salem. SMAT is a rapid medical statewide response team capable of a four- to six-hour response time when activated and is capable of responding to assist the citizens of North Carolina in a crisis situation. SMAT is prepared to respond to events ranging from a medical strike team to a 15-bed field Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) deployment.

We maintain a Mobile Disaster Hospital (MDH), which is able to deploy within 24 hours and begin clinical operations within 48 hours.

The MDH comprises:

  • 500-bed hospital complete with 21-bed emergency room
  • Two-bed operating suites
  • One-bed operating suite with C-arm and surgical microscope
  • 12-bed intensive care unit
  • Six-bed pre/post-operative suite
  • Rapid response unit

Response scale includes setup for a natural or industrial disaster to a large-scale decontamination operation as a result of a terrorist event involving weapons of mass destruction. Wake Forest Baptist Health maintains a 110,000-square-foot warehouse where disaster assets and offices are located and maintained.

Mass Gathering Experience

Several venues offer the fellow experience in planning for and providing medical care in mass gathering: Wake Forest University NCAA Division I sports, including football and basketball games, where medical care is provided at dedicated care centers in collaboration with Forsyth County EMS; the PGA Wyndham Championship, held annually in Greensboro, NC, where medical care is provided in collaboration with Guilford County EMS. Additional professional tennis with the US open series will play at the Winston Open which is the final tournament of nine-tournament series leading up to the US Open. There are numerous opportunities throughout the year that continually rotate including these previous examples: Guns and Roses Concert, Paul McCartney Concert, Professional Bull Riders Series (PBR), amongst others.

Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness medicine experience includes:

  • Expedition and disaster medicine
  • Dive medicine
  • Search and rescue
  • Altitude illness
  • Cold- and heat-related illness
  • Wilderness trauma
  • Wild animal attacks

Wilderness medicine explores health risks and safety issues in extreme situations such as mountains, jungles, deserts, caves and marine environments.

Fellows have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in development and delivery of an annual regional wilderness medicine educational conference.
  • Participate in research and medical direction of wilderness medicine events.
  • Become involved with a regional wilderness medicine nonprofit organization.

Affiliated Agencies

Aeromedical and Specialty Care Ground Transport

Wake Forest Baptist AirCare is part of an EMS network serving North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina.

The service includes:

  • Three helicopters (2 -EC 135 and 1 EC-130)
  • Two ground ambulances
  • Specialty pediatric and neonatal transport units
  • Opportunities for inter-facility transport and scene response