Comprehensive Pain and Spine Medicine Fellowship Testimonials

Evander Britt, MD

This has been a great program for training. We saw a wide variety of pathologies and got exposure to the whole spectrum of the field of pain medicine. The diverse backgrounds of our attending allow us to see multiple techniques for procedure and management. If I had to choose a program again, I would choose this one. Leaving this program, you will be well equipped for any practice model.

~ Evander Britt, MD Class of 2023

Timothy Herberg, MD

Overall, very good fellowship to develop procedural and clinical skills.

~ Timothy Herberg, MD Class of 2023

Ann Ikonne, MD

Great training program. It is very rare to find this many great attendings with the level of exposure to different patient populations and procedural variation.

~ Ann Ikonne, MD Class of 2023

Ashley Eaves, MD

I'm very glad I made the choice to complete my fellowship training here at Wake Forest. It is helpful to see multiple patient populations in various settings, and have increasing levels of autonomy as we progress through our training. The faculty have been vital not only in helping me hone my clinical skills, but also with discussing the other important aspects of medicine including patient management, financial and billing considerations and how to thrive after training in any setting.

~ Ashley Eaves, MD Class of 2022

Josh Pan, MD
Wake Forest has a great fellowship with a broad diversity of advanced and basic procedures. The department has a great culture which lends to a great learning environment. The mentorship and career development at Wake Forest are excellent for any kind of practice after fellowship.

~ Josh Pan, MD Class of 2022

Jessica Meister Berger, MD

My pain fellowship at Wake was a phenomenal year of training and professional development. I gained broad procedural experience and appreciated the thoughtful balance of education and didactics with clinical responsibilities. The faculty are enthusiastic and engaged teachers. The program leadership and staff were supportive and responsive throughout the year. I will graduate with confidence in the robust training I have received and having forged relationships and friendships that will carry forward.

~ Jessica Meister Berger, MD, JD Class of 2022

Tracy Harbut, MD

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Wake Forest Baptist Spine and Pain Fellowship. The faculty are phenomenal and provide a supportive environment to learn.

~ Tracy Harbut, MD Class of 2022

Ava Giugliano, DO

I can hands down say this was a phenomenal year. I learned and grew more as a physician than I thought was possible. From learning dozens of procedures, to navigating complex clinic patients in an efficient manner, you will come out of this fellowship with excellent experience. The faculty mentorship is outstanding, not only are they great interventionists, but they also share a moral compass to learn by which is so important for the future of our field. I feel so prepared and excited for my career.

~Ava Giugliano, DO Class of 2022

Heather Columbano, DO

This fellowship year has far exceeded my expectations in every way. From day 1, I was exposed to the wide variety of opportunities this fellowship program provides from OR procedural interventions to clinic based multimodal therapies to cutting edge research. Not a single day passes in which a learning opportunity does not present itself. The mentorship and support I have received throughout the year has been unparalleled. I am beyond excited to continue my time at Wake Forest as a member of the Pain Medicine faculty.

~ Heather Columbano, MD Class of 2018