The podiatry rotation is designed to give  fourth-year podiatry students significant experience in the field of podiatric surgery. During your rotation, you’ll gain exposure to all aspects of podiatric surgery, including the operating room, outpatient clinics and inpatient care. You’ll be expected to attend orthopaedic grand rounds and foot and ankle conferences as well as journal clubs.

At the School of Medicine, you'll be trained by our highly skilled podiatry and orthopaedic faculty at a nationally recognized medical center.The rotation will give you invaluable experience caring for podiatry patients as you learn the role of the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine firsthand. 

Our rotation is intended to give you more experience with:

  • The scope and character of the practice of podiatric surgery
  • Specific diseases and types of surgery performed in podiatric surgery and foot and ankle orthopaedic surgery
  • Techniques in fracture care, as well as the selective use of casting and traction
  • Care of trauma patients
  • Training in adult inpatient and outpatient settings