Throughout the curriculum, student needs fluctuate and change.  Our goal is to provide individualized and data-driven support for our students to meet their ever-changing needs. 

When you meet with an academic advisor, they will get to know you and your learning style.  They will explore your particular needs and help you to determine a study plan that works for you.  Some of the areas we may focus on include:

  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Exam Preparation and Test-Taking Skills
  • Advice on Utilizing Third-Party Resources
  • Preparation for USMLE Exams

We encourage each student to take advantage of all of the available academic resources to help maximize their learning and success in medical school.  The office of student affairs serves as the hub – disseminating information regarding student led review sessions, study guides and board prep while also helping to schedule students with peer tutors and faculty academic advisors.  Please email your house based Academic Advisor or to learn more.

Any student who currently has learning differences or disabilities that require accommodations or a student who is concerned they may need testing can reach out to Wake Forest University’s Center for Learning, Access and Student Success.