The Healthcare Leadership curriculum consists of 13 courses totaling 35 credit hours, and can be completed in as few as 5 academic terms (20 months). Much of the coursework is self-paced and asynchronous, but with synchronous elements sprinkled in to assure the formation of peer relationships with members of your cohort. In addition, you’ll enroll in a journal club beginning in your second academic term, which culminates in the 5th, and final, academic term.

Another important longitudinal element of the curriculum is the capstone project, which mirrors the journal club experience, and also allows deep interaction with your peers. The goal of the capstone project is for you to identify a critical health care challenge and draw upon knowledge and skills gained through your coursework to develop a transformative solution. You are welcome to draw on your current employment to identify your personal challenge, so that your project can be used within your institution.

A truly unique attribute of the curriculum is the on-campus residency experience. For this required component of the curriculum, you will come to campus for 4 days near the end of your 1st and 5th terms in the program. We find that students forge important connections with one another and with key faculty during these in-person gatherings, ensuring the cultivation of a lasting network of professional colleagues.

Coursework Details

The coursework is broken down as follows:

  • 11 credit hours in foundational courses
  • 18 credit hours in core courses
  • 6 credit hours in capstone/longitudinal courses

Below, you will find the specific course listings in each category of coursework.