The MAESTRO Program at Wake Forest School of Medicine aims to train culturally respectful Spanish-speaking providers who will go on to care for the increasing number of Hispanic patients in Winston-Salem and across the U.S. The ultimate goal of the MAESTRO program is to make a contribution in the fight against health inequities. We seek to equip medical students with the necessary cultural awareness and communication skills to care effectively for Spanish-speaking patients and positively impact the health and well-being of this growing and underserved population.


  • Perform a complete medical history and physical exam in Spanish in a culturally appropriate way and utilize teach back techniques to instruct patients about diagnoses, testing procedures, and/or medications.
  • Apply relevant cultural knowledge during patient interactions.
  • Describe personal experiences of their participation during the program in community service involving vulnerable patient populations within the Hispanic communities of Forsyth County and within North Carolina.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness of language skills and limitations, as well as best practices in working with medical interpreter.