The WFSM Global Health Certificate Program (GHCP) is intended to build a solid foundation in Global Health and enhance the education of students beyond their regular course of study or current knowledge of global health. The 20-seminar longitudinal curriculum emphasizes the sociopolitical, economic, cultural, and geographic factors that, in addition to biomedical factors, have an impact on health in both low-and middle-income countries and also reduce health inequalities in underserved populations locally.


  • To have a better understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of “global health.”
  • To build a foundation of knowledge that will serve to advocate for and promote innovative approaches to solving global health problems.
  • To develop skills for future work in global health through experiential learning opportunities and faculty-mentored field experiences in the U.S. and abroad.

Curriculum Overview

  1. Global Health Longitudinal Curriculum consisting of 20 seminars (1 hour duration) taught by WFSM Global Health Affiliate Faculty nested in various departments. Approximately 1 seminar per month is planned over a period of 20 months. In addition, visiting international scholars from affiliate sites may deliver guest lectures.
  2. Attendance and participation in at least 75% of the global health seminars as part of the Global Health Longitudinal Curriculum (includes coursework/quiz completion) is a requirement.
  3. Completion of a Scholarly Capstone Project (written component) integrating aspects of global health that impact low-and middle-income country populations or underserved populations in the U.S is a requirement.

All participants completing the certificate are also required to present their capstone projects in the form of a Poster for display at the annual WFSM Global Health Symposium. Submission to the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Annual Conference or a regional or national meeting is highly encouraged.

Application Process

The application cycle to participate in the WFSM Global Health Certificate Program (GHCP) is open every alternate year. For example, the 2020 - 2022 GHCP curriculum would start in October 2020 and end March 2022.

Information about the GHCP program details will be disseminated to all students end of May every alternate year. Participants interested in applying to participate in the GHCP may contact the Office of Global Health at to request an application. The deadline to apply is usually mid-August of every alternate year. Applicants selected to participate in the GHCP will be notified by early September

Value of the Program

Participation in the Certificate Program would build a foundational understanding of global health to both enhance career goals and promote experiential learning through activities in academic and professional settings, both locally and globally. Identification of unique educational, service and research initiatives would benefit underserved populations locally (urban, rural, immigrant/refugees) and globally. The program would foster the development of next generation of diverse global health leaders.