Physician burnout is rampant in medicine with half of the physician population admitting to being burned out. We know that the financial stressors associated with student loan debt burdens and poor financial literacy play a large part in physicians feeling trapped in situations that strip them of their autonomy as doctors. FLARE provides value to students as this is a topic that they are very much interested in and desperately need. From an institutional standpoint, FLARE is a one-of-a-kind curriculum not offered elsewhere. It is evident that this is valuable to the students as 100% of 2020 FLARE students (50% sign up rate in the first cohort) recommended it to this year's class. We are on track to have 80% of the 4th year medical school class sign up for the second iteration.

Why Choose the FLARE Program

The purpose of FLARE is to decrease burnout and financial stress through improving financial literacy and awareness.


  • Improving the Financial Literacy of our medical students.
  • Decrease future burnout and financial stress.
  • Improve resilience by decreasing the fear of the unknown.