The Culinary Medicine Certificate will serve as an educational and service-learning opportunity for students in the MD Program at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

This certificate will focus on 3 core principles which include:

  • Education
  • Skill Building
  • Service

Through integration of current research, service, and hands-on training, the Culinary Medicine Certificate will give participants the tools and knowledge to improve patient care. The Culinary Medicine Certificate will use a patient-centered approach to inform participants of strategies to counsel patients on nutrition and diet.

Program Requirements

Participants will be asked to complete in roughly 27 events (60 hours) over 18 months. Participants must commit to active participation in all events, or work with Certificate Design Team and Lead Faculty member to make up events missed. Participants will be required to complete events and the Capstone Project with excellence and integrity. Failure to complete the required events will result in failure of participants to be awarded the Culinary Medicine Certificate.

  • ‘Doctors in the Kitchen’ course
  • Brenner FIT Academy for Professionals Self-Guided Course
  • Brenner FIT Lead Teacher
  • Educational Event
  • Kitchen Nights
  • Capstone Project

Program Objectives

The Culinary Medicine Certificate Learning Outcomes focus on developing knowledge and measurable skills. Below are the nine (9) Learning Outcomes of the Culinary Medicine Certificate:

  • Understand common nutrient deficiencies in the US and how to prevent/manage them
  • Understand how to discuss diet with patients in an open and respectful manner
  • Understand the role of diet in disease
  • Understand the cultural differences surrounding food and identifying cultural bias in culinary medicine
  • Understand the role of food insecurity & food deserts in healthy behavior
  • Learn key cooking skills
  • Understand recipe development
  • Understand food safety
  • Develop comfort in a kitchen setting