The advanced Ultrasound certificate program recognizes students who have demonstrated additional skill in ultrasound teaching and ultrasound skill performance.


  • Develop skills in bedside ultrasound imaging instruction
  • Develop competence in exams relevant to future specialization
  • To demonstrate basic competency in ultrasound guided procedures

Curriculum Overview

The Advanced Ultrasound certificate is a 3 year self-directed learning experience. Students will participate in ultrasound teaching labs as small group facilitators or ultrasound models depending on the level of training. Students will identify up to four ultrasound exams relevant to their future practice and perform those exams under faculty supervision in a variety of settings that may include skills labs, simulation, and the clinical environment. Students must practice and demonstrate basic competency in ultrasound guided procedures, usually ultrasound guided IV placement.

Value of the Program

Students completing this program should achieve a skill level with ultrasound equal to a HO-1 at the end of their intern year in their chosen specialty.