CERTL offers problem and project-based learning (PBL) cases that incorporate healthy eating, wellness, and physical activity while addressing key instructional concepts in math, science, and English language arts. These resources can be used in core curriculum classes throughout the academic year by K – 12 educators who have attended a workshop.  

To encourage students to make positive health choices, emphasis is placed on kinesthetic learning and skill-building.  The PBL cases may include one or more of the following aspects:  healthy eating, nutrition choices, exercise, family involvement, lifestyle choices, emotional wellness, social support, sleep habits and stress management. 

The Healthy Living PBL cases offer teachers an added resource in the classroom to get their students up and moving and build lasting habits that will make a positive impact on their future physical and mental health.  Instead of adding a separate lesson for nutrition, for example, it is interwoven into a math PBL that fits inside of a teacher’s pacing guide.  

Educator Workshops

Healthy Living workshops are offered for educators who have not previously participated in CERTL’s professional development.  In a two-hour session, participants are introduced to inquiry-based learning and then have the opportunity to experience a Healthy Living PBL from a learner’s perspective.  These workshops are hands-on and implementation focused, with trainers modeling the specific ways movement can be incorporated into the PBLs.  

Educators who complete the workshop gain access to the K – 12 Healthy Living PBL repository where they can find problem-based learning cases in math, science, or English language arts that satisfies their content standards while also incorporating health, wellness, and movement.