Information for Parents

Why is This Study Being Done?

  • In 2020, almost one in five high school students, representing over 3 million adolescents, reported vaping in the past month. 
  • This study is being done to begin to understand the ways in which vaping impacts the development of teens’ brain, heart and lungs, and how that might change their ability to think and feel.

What Is Involved In The Study?

  • The study involves two visits at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, over 1-2 months. 
    • Visit 1 includes questionnaires, collection of biological samples (breath, nasal swabs, urine, blood draw), heart rate measures, and cognitive tasks. This visit will take approximately 2 hours.
    • Visit 2, which is optional for those who qualify, involves more questionnaires and a brain scan. The brain scan does not involve radiation and is non-invasive. This visit will take up to 2 hours.

Will Your Child Be Paid for Participating?

  • Participants who complete Visit 1 will receive $80. 
  • Participants who complete Visit 2 will receive an additional $100. 
  • Participants will also receive at $10 bonus for being on time (no more than 10 minutes late) for Visit 1 and Visit 2. 
  • Payment will be made using a pre-paid debit card called Greenphire ClinCard. 

What Precautions Are Being Taken About COVID-19?

  • We take participants’ health very seriously. Therefore, we will conduct this study using extra COVID precautions. 
  • All study staff will wear masks during Visits 1 and 2. 
  • Participants and parents/guardians who accompany teens will also be required to wear masks. 
  • All study rooms will be sanitized between participant visits. 
  • Collection of breath samples and nasal swabs will be done by a staff member wearing full personal protective equipment and the samples will be collected in a negative pressure room which removes particles from the air.