Biology of Alcohol Addiction Training Program

Our Alcohol Training Program is a NIAAA-sponsored institutional training grant that has been funded since 1994. The program consists of rigorous didactic work and intensive laboratory-based research experiences. It is augmented by robust curriculum opportunities that include career development courses, including teaching and writing, and ethics.

There are also multiple opportunities for trainees to hone their presentation skills. Our trainees apply for individual NRSA support from NIH to help hone grant-writing skills—we have a remarkable track-record of obtaining independent funding for trainees.

The training program also benefits from unique institutional resources that include courses in translational research, a rodent-alcohol behavioral core, a nonhuman primate center and state-of-the-art imaging facilities.

Leadership and Faculty

The Training Faculty is a group of well-funded investigators in basic, clinical, human-populations research that have a long track-record of successfully training young scientists to become independent investigators. Our research is carried out in a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary manner so that trainees not only receive the training necessary to become independent investigators but also as members of interdisciplinary teams of the kind that will increasingly characterize their future research careers.

The research of our training faculty is also highly translational. Many of our studies examine analogous end points and employ the parallel behavioral models across multiple species—from mice and rats, through monkeys and individual humans, to human populations.

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For more information on educational and research opportunities available through the Alcohol Training Program, please contact:

Brian McCool, PhD
Director, Alcohol Training Program
Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine