The Airways Clinical Research Center at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the research of airway diseases including:

Our team is committed to improving the lives of those diagnosed with airway diseases through education and the latest developments in treatment.

Clinical Trials

Why Participate?

  • Participating in a research study gives patients a chance to play an active part in their own healthcare and to help others. Patients who participate may improve their health through access to treatments in pulmonary care before they are available to the public. Additionally, patients often choose to participate to help advance science for the benefit of the larger population with airway diseases.

Are Clinical Trials Safe?

  • Patient safety is a priority for our research team. The clinical trials we offer are well-planned, detailed, and reviewed in advance. Our Institutional Review Board (IRB) protects patients by reviewing, approving and monitoring all clinical trials. They ensure that all studies, which are subject to FDA audits at any time, follow federal laws and good clinical practice.

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