Fall 2021 Applications are now closed!  The application deadline for Spring 2022 will open October 15, 2021. NOTE:  Currently, COVID protocols for visiting international personnel to Wake Forest require a quarantine period of 14 days. Please anticipate integrating this time period into your visit.  We will continue to update the website as protocols are revised.

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) places the highest priority on education and training and is committed to facilitating global knowledge exchange and collaborative networks. WFIRM views the presence of visiting scholars as being of strategic importance to both fostering international education as well as the advancement and internationalization of the field, which can result in the development of new regenerative medicine therapies, products and support technologies.

The WFIRM Visiting International Scholar Program (VISP) enables outstanding international scientists, clinicians and physician-scientists (ranging from MS, PhD, MD, postdoctoral fellows to established senior investigators) to participate as visiting scholars at WFIRM, an internationally recognized leader in regenerative medicine with more than 450 scientists and staff in areas including biomedical and chemical engineering, cell and molecular biology, surgery and medicine. It is also where the first implanted laboratory-grown organ was produced.

2018 Visiting International Scholars and Mentors

2018 VISP and Mentors WFIRMScholars (left to right): Emine Tural Dag, MD (left), Simone Castagno (fourth left), and Rafael Carandina (sixth left)