Rodent models of Obesity, Diabetes, Aging, Cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and Cancer contribute greatly to a better understanding of how environmental and genetic factors affect metabolism.

Services of the Resource include

  • Support with data analysis and interpretation
  • Potential collaborations in grants and manuscripts, in metabolism-related research projects.

Publication Highlights

Wang S, Ahmadi S, Nagpal R, Jain S, Mishra SP, Kavanagh K, Zhu X, Wang Z, McClain DA, Kritchevsky SB, Kitzman DW, Yadav H. Lipoteichoic acid from the cell wall of a heat killed Lactobacillus paracasei D3-5 ameliorates aging-related leaky gut, inflammation and improves physical and cognitive functions: from C. elegans to mice. Geroscience (in-press).