Sleep Medicine Fellowship Curriculum

The Sleep Medicine Fellowship program provides fellows with ample experience in an ambulatory setting with neurology, pulmonary and pediatric pulmonary attendings on a regular basis. Fellows also have their own continuity sleep clinics.

Fellows are required to gain experience in the scoring and interpretation of sleep studies and to prove their proficiency. They can also work with otolaryngologists (both adult and pediatric), neuropsychologists and orthodontists in the management of sleep disorders.

The program also offers intensive laboratory exposure, and fellows can interpret about 2,000 studies

Clinical Rotations

Fellows will follow the board requirements for sleep programs which includes:

  • Eleven months of in-patient sleep rotations which can take place with Dentistry, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics Pulmonary and Neuropsychology patients that require sleep medicine as a treatment
  • One Month Elective which can include EEG, Pulmonary, or Research

Conferences and Didactics

Fellows participate in:

  • Sleep Medicine Lecture Series
  • Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology Lecture Series
  • Sleep Medicine Case Conference
  • Sleep Medicine Journal Club Conferences
  • Sleep Medicine Weekly Topics
  • Sleep Medicine Fellowship Directors Council (SMFDC) Webinar Series
  • Neurology Grand Rounds
  • Pulmonary/Critical Care Grand Rounds