Message from Our Program Director

I am so glad you are here to check out the Wake Forest School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency. As you will find out quickly, this is an amazing place to train.

Keli Jones, MDA little about me: I spent my life in Eastern Europe and did my undergraduate education at Carson Newman University in East Tennessee.  I came to Wake Forest School of Medicine for medical school and was planning on going out west for residency. In fact, the only program I applied to in the South was Wake Forest Family Medicine. However, after interviewing ALL over, I found out just how special and unique a place this is. I ended up staying and met nine of my best friends for life during the next three years of residency. I then completed my OB/Women's Health fellowship at Cone Health and realized that I wanted the privilege of working with some of the best and brightest residents out there in an environment that is full of the great people and experiences that make Wake Forest unique. So here I am and now I get the even greater honor of directing and advocating for 30 unique and incredible residents who make me a greater person, colleague, and physician.

Here at Wake Forest Family Medicine, we pay careful attention to keeping your residency full of enough breadth and depth to make you successful family doctors anywhere in the U.S. and in any clinical setting. We work hard to keep your clinic patient panels diverse, clinic experiences varied and exposure to various subspecialists and their services plentiful. Our goal is for you to really experience what community family medicine feels like but in a setting that allows you to tap into all the resources that a tertiary care center provides. As you decide what interests you, there is time set aside for you to explore these interests and develop individual skills as well. We have had residents go to most of the available fellowships in past years and are able to work toward helping you realize your goals, whatever they are.

As you navigate these next three years of residency, we strive to come alongside and support each of you individually as you figure out where your interests and career goals are taking you. You will also have the support of other amazingly talented residents in your class and those classes around you, and they will quickly become your greatest allies and best friends. Thanks for taking the time to check us out and we hope to see you on the interview trail!

Keli Jones, MD
Program Director 

From Our Associate Program Director

Neil Sparks, DO, MSThank you for taking the time to learn about the Wake Forest School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency. As a graduate of our program, I am excited to share what makes this residency a special place to train. I came to Wake after completing medical school at the Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, VA and went on to complete a sports medicine fellowship at VCOM-Virginia Tech. When searching for a residency program, I wanted a place that would be both challenging and supportive, have an academic mission but community focus, and prepare me to practice in almost any setting. I found each of these elements woven into the culture of the department, and it is this culture that made me excited to return as a faculty member. 

Our program will prepare you to be a well-rounded and outstanding family physician capable of not only practicing in any setting but to serve as leaders in the community. We offer full-spectrum and challenging primary care training that blends the best of academic medicine and community practice. We strive to support our residents and help them reach their personal and professional goals. In addition, we offer unique experiences such as:

  • Exposure to point-of-care ultrasound
  • Sports medicine coverage
  • Elective options in obstetrics and women’s health
  • Opportunities to explore integrative medicine
  • Training in care for underserved populations
  • Opportunities for global health

We are proud of our program and invite you to learn more about our team and how you can be a part of the Wake Forest family! 

Neil Sparks, DO, MS

From Our Chiefs 

Jordan Coleman Phillips, MDKiran Mullur, MDWelcome to Wake Forest Baptist Family Medicine—we really appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and getting to know us. Residency is a daunting and invigorating experience on the path to becoming a doctor. Finding the right program to help you both mature into the physician you want to become and develop as a leader in the medical field is a tall task. Here at Wake Forest Family Medicine, our program is structured to nurture young physicians into experts in their field and leaders among their peers. Our hospital provides rigorous training with exposure to a variety of patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds as well as everything from garden variety-complaints to unique and challenging cases with complex medical histories.

On top of world-class medical training, though, the people are what set Wake Forest apart. Wake Forest Family Medicine is truly a family, focusing on collaboration and teamwork to achieve our goal of caring for our community. You will not find people more kind or passionate than here in our department. This is a program where you can be part of something bigger on your road to becoming the family physician you want to be. We have an enthusiastic group of residents and look forward to continuing to train excellent physicians.

Kiran Mullur, MD, and Jordan "Cole" Phillips, MD