Most applications open on August 1st for the next academic year, but you should review the application open and close dates in the table below. Applications should be fully completed and submitted by the program deadlines listed below. Supplemental material will only be processed if submitted within the first 5 business days after the application deadline. Late applications are not accepted unless special permission is granted by the graduate program director or admissions chair. 

Applications will not enter the review process until all material has been received and verified. As supplemental application material is received, your application’s status will updated. The status updates, in the form of a checklist, can be accessed through the Application Portal at any time.

Applicants may apply to multiple programs by submitting a complete and separate online application, fee, and supplemental material including recommendations. All personal data, academic information, and test report data will populate in the new application.

Early submission is also strongly encouraged to be given full consideration for financial aid.

Submitting an Application: Step by Step

We aim to make the application process as simple as possible. Before starting your application, please review the schedule for application open and close dates and make note of the term that you wish to start your program.

Step 1: Review Application Deadlines and Admission Process

Review and make note of the application open and close dates PDF document. All supplemental application material must be received within 5 business days of the application close date.
Application Open and Close Date - Graduate ProgramsApplications that remain incomplete 5 business days after the close day are not reviewed for admission.  

Once you’ve noted the close date for your program of interest, please note the remainder of our timeline for admissions:

Step 2: Review and Collect Required Materials for Your Selected Program’s Application

Each graduate program defines the specific requirements for its application to be considered complete. All application materials must be submitted through your Application Portal to be considered. A list of Standard Application Elements is shown below. Once you have reviewed the list, please review the Program-Specific Application Instructions, which can be found below.

  • Personal Statement – The program may have specific requests within the application and you are advised to honor what is requested. In general, it’s important for us to understand what is motivating you to come and join us at Wake Forest. The statement may include:
    • Information on any area of special interest within the selected program
    • Previous experience while working or volunteering in a related field
    • Career plans as perceived at present
    • If you are experiencing difficulty uploading a video file on your application, please contact for alternative solutions.
  • Transcript(s) from all schools from which a degree was granted – Unofficial transcripts may be used for application review
  • Letters of Recommendation – Each program determines the number of letters required
  • Test Reports (e.g., GRE/MCAT) – If required, unofficial reports may be used for application review
    • For programs that do not require test scores, you may select “I am requesting a waiver” on the Test Reports page. Waiver requests are automatically approved for programs that do not require the submission of a test score.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Research Statement – If required, this statement should address:
    • Your role in the research
    • A description of your project
    • Any outcomes, including presentations or papers resulting from the research
  • Application fee ($100) or fee waiver code (qualified programs listed below in FAQs)

Step 3: Apply

Create a user account to begin your application. If you have already created an account or are adding to a current application, log in using your current username and password. Should you need to work on your application and come back later to finish, the Application Portal will remember where you were and will take you back to that page. If you wish to apply to multiple programs, you may do so after you submit each application. Your Application Portal will pre-populate some of your application information. Consult the FAQs for more information on applying to multiple programs.

While working on completing your application, if you are missing a required element, the Application Portal will make sure that you are aware of missing elements. In some cases, it will restrict you from advancing to the next page until you have supplied required information.

When you have added and uploaded all application requirements, the only remaining step is to pay the application fee and submit your application for review. The application fee is payable by credit card. Payment of the application fee, or submission of an approved application fee waiver, is required in order to submit an application and is required with each application for admission you submit. Payment instructions are located at the end of the application process.

Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. No fees will be refunded unless the program does not admit students in your selected admission term.

Step 4: Track Your Application Status

The Application Portal is your online hub for viewing your application status, communications, and managing your account. You may:

  • View your personalized application checklist
  • View details which include confirmation of your submitted application(s)
  • Edit/Change Recommenders, or send reminders to Recommenders for un-submitted recommendations
  • View checklist to verify if official test reports and transcripts have been received
  • Change your password
  • View Official Communications and Decisions from the Graduate School

The checklist will update as your application moves through the review and evaluation processes. Please refer to your checklist for the most recent items received by our office. Once the program’s admission committee has made a decision on the status of your application, you will receive an email notifying you that a communication has been posted to your student portal. Your checklist will be updated to display your decision communication.

Application Acknowledgement Email
Once we receive your application, you will receive an automated acknowledgment with a link to access your status portal. If you did not receive this message please check your spam folder. We recommend that you retain this email for your records.

If you need online technical assistance, please direct your questions to Be sure to include your order-id (ex. WFGRAD_73748266_20180126073752). A link to the HELP DESK is also available from your student portal.