HIRREM Media Coverage

Balancing Brainwaves to Alleviate PTSD Symptoms
April 2018

How WFBMC is making strides in PTSD research
February 2018

Noninvasive Brainwave Technology Shown To Reduce PTSD Symptoms
January 2018

Brain resetting treatment shows promise with veterans experiencing PTSD
January 2018

Military Related Traumatic Stress; HEROS Magazine
January 2018

Listening to their own brain waves could help PTSD sufferers battle affliction
January 2018

Noninvasive Brainwave Technology Improved Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Military Personnel; Wake Forest Baptist Health 
Successful use of closed-loop allostatic neurotechnology for post-traumatic stress symptoms in military personnel: self-reported and autonomic improvements; Full Manuscript
December 2017

Technology that resets brain's frequencies in concussion cases shows promise, Wake Forest Baptist researchers say
October 2016

Non-invasive sound therapy may reduce blood pressure
September 2016 

Sound Waves: Rx for High Blood Pressure, Migraine?
September 2016

Sound therapy may balance brain signals to reduce blood pressure, migraines; American Heart Association 
Hypertension 2016 Scientific Sessions Abstracts
September 2016 

Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainstream
May 2016 

WFDD radio interview HIRREM Research Program at Wake Forest School of Medicine
August 2015 

WSJS Radio interview regarding publication of a research study about a potential new method to assess stress
May 2015

New treatment for symptoms of menopause
May 2015

Research Study Describes Potential New Method to Assess Stress; Wake Forest Baptist Health
Rightward dominance in temporal high‐frequency electrical asymmetry corresponds to higher resting heart rate and lower baroreflex sensitivity in a heterogeneous population; Wiley Online Library
May 2015

The Menopausal Transition
March 2015

Reduction in Menopause-related Symptoms Associated with Non-invasive Neurotechnology; Wake Forest Baptist Health
Reduction in menopause-related symptoms associated with use of a noninvasive neurotechnology for autocalibration of neural oscillations; Manuscript
February 2015

Department of Defense Funds Pilot Study at Wake Forest Baptist to Evaluate Effect of ‘Brainwave Balancing’ on PTSD Symptoms
July 2014

Grant funds post-concussion brain research
April 2014

Brainwave ‘Balancing’ Research Receives Continued Support from The Susanne Marcus Collins Foundation
April 2014

Brainwave study program receives $1 million grant
January 2013

HealthWatch: Musical Tones May Help Relieve Insomnia
November 2012

Music to the Ears for a Good Night’s Sleep? Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Studies New Therapy for Insomnia; Wake Forest Baptist Health
Open label, randomized, crossover pilot trial of high‐resolution, relational, resonance‐based, electroencephalic mirroring to relieve insomnia; Manuscript
October 2012

Sleepless in America; USA Today
September 2012

Brain waves beat insomnia
May 2012

$600,000 grant to Wake Forest Baptist will speed research on insomnia, migraines
February 2012

Grant to Fund Expansion of Brainwave Studies at Wake Forest Baptist
February 2012

Wake Forest Baptist Conducts Clinical Study for Insomnia Using New Technology
June 2011