About Me

Prior to my medical studies, I led consumer insights and innovation at Procter & Gamble. In 2017, I co-founded HairCode, a patented web application that creates hair-type personalities in order to curate beauty product lineup suggestions at national retailers such as Walmart, Target and CVS. While in medical school, I founded Prescribe it Forward, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides free mentorship to disadvantaged pre-medical students by matching them with medical student mentors of similar backgrounds. To date, Prescribe it Forward has over 1,800 mentors across 175 medical schools and has helped provide mentorship to over 2,800 students. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampden-Sydney College, a business certificate from Harvard Business School, a Master of Business Administration degree from The College of William & Mary and a medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. In my spare time, I love to follow the NBA, NFL and Formula 1 racing. I also enjoy traveling to new restaurants and reviewing burgers and sandwiches on my blog, Between 2 Buns.