Phospholipids are now known to be important molecules in the generation of second-messengers during signal-transduction in cellular responses to hormones and growth factors.

Our lab is studying the metabolic pathways responsible for forming lipid-derived second-messengers and the mechanism of action of these mediators. We have previously shown that Phospholipase D is involved in the stimulation of Raf-1 and in the stimulation of prostaglandin H synthase, type 2 (Cox-2).

Current Research Focus

Current studies are to determine the signaling pathways regulating Cox-2 and NF-kB and how they become altered in cancer. We are also studying the role of n-3 fatty acids in the control of lipid mediator production and tumor cell growth.

Another area of interest is the role of protein oxidation in the control of cellular signaling in response to cytokines and chemotherapeutic agents.