Advances in medicine and public health increase average life span and survival of patients with chronic diseases, contributing to a gradual and continuous shift toward older adults in the US population and worldwide. As our lifespan extends, maintaining active lifestyle with age and diseases will become increasingly important. We strive to find ways to contribute to healthy and active lifespan in the elderly and diseases. First, we elucidate the mechanisms of sarcopenia and disease-related myopathies using transgenic and knockout rodent models, while trying to link our findings to humans using biofluids and biopsies. Based on the knowledge gained from our basic research, we test interventions in preclinical models and, if successful, clinical trials.

Research Project Highlights

Our Team

Bumsoo Ahn, PhD
Principal investigator
Eunyoung Kim, PhD
Postdoctoral fellow 
Ryan Pettit-Mee, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Hyunyoung Kim
Laboratory technician 
Ahmed Eldeeb
Undergraduate research intern 


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