The Ecclesiastical Advisory Council meetings will provide a forum for the bi-directional flow of information between affiliated clergy and the Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity (MACHE), to guide the direction of the TPN. Both the TPN and MACHE will be enriched by regular feedback from the Ecclesiastical Advisory Council in order to help raise awareness about congregational and community health needs, and provide recommendations for additional programs, assets and resources.


The Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will provide meaningful advice for:

  • Implementing evidence-based health promotion programs,
  • Strategic planning for direction and sustainability of the network,
  • Ensuring accountability for all participants and partners,
  • Motivating all partners to be committed to identifying innovative health solutions, 
  • Providing advice on proposal and project development,
  • Advocating for policies that support healthy, equitable outcomes
  • Strategies for promoting attendance at the annual Network-wide Partnership Impact Event, and
  • Assuring that trusted relationships are maintained at all times


The Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will also partner with regional divinity schools to address areas that pertain specifically to the skills, care, and support of faith leaders as requested, including but not limited to:

  • Pastoral Care
  • Skills Building
  • New Programs and Initiatives
  • Special Topics in Pastoring

The establishment of the Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will facilitate communication between and among local faith leaders, as well as, create an ongoing opportunity for reciprocal communications between the membership of MACHE and the TPN.  The Council will assure that these congregational-community-academic relationships are trustworthy, strong, accountable and sustainable. 


The Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will be a subset of members from the TPN, and will be limited to a specific number of participants. Members of the TPN who have expressed an interest in becoming a member of the Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will receive additional information about coordination and logistics at a later date. Meetings for the Ecclesiastical Advisory Council will be held on a quarterly basis, or more frequently as needed.