The Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity Caregiver College (MC2) is an in-person culturally relevant educational training series designed for caregivers. 

Participants will be compensated upon completion and must attend all days of training. Free parking and meals will be provided. 


MC2 is a culturally relevant educational experience focusing on topics that provide critical information about Alzheimer’s disease and about community-based resources available to informal caregivers in the communities to which they are connected. Once participants complete MC2, they will be tasked with returning to their communities to share their newly gained or enhanced Alzheimer’s disease knowledge and resources through conducting 3 educational activities as MACHE Alzheimer’s Caregiving Community Health Ambassadors.  


  • To improve informal caregivers’ understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders 
  • Enhance the quality of life for Alzheimer’s disease patients and caregiver’s by providing awareness of and access to resources that can help reduce caregiver burden 
  • Provide strategies to manage symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease
  • Fill a gap in culturally relevant health education and awareness on Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, and dementia caregiving skills for African Americans. 


Sessions will be conducted by experts in various fields including Alzheimer’s disease, social work, nursing, aging, art, exercise and health education. Participants will be prepared for, and plan, community events and be equipped with caregiving resources for sharing with community members. Topics covered over the course of the week will include Alzheimer’s Overview, Risk Factors and Related Disorders, Home Safety and Life Planning, Healthy Aging, and Care for the Caregiver.  

Characteristics of Caregiver College Participants

For Caregiver College participants to be successful both during the 5 days of training and afterwards, there are some key traits we have identified to be beneficial. MC2 participants will be identified based on being persons already helping community members by virtue of their community roles, occupations, leadership positions in the church or other community-based organization, or their own inherent motivation to help their communities. A direct experience with providing informal caregiving or a desire to assist caregivers in the community will be an important consideration. Willingness to engage with groups, through public speaking or small group interactions will be preferred. Willingness to acquire resources and Alzheimer’s disease information via internet will be essential.  


The Alzheimer’s disease Caregiving Community Health Ambassadors will each receive a total of $500 for completion of the MC2 program. They will receive $250 for attending the 5 days of in-person sessions and $250 after completion of hosting and organizing 3 events focused on Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, or caregiving in the 9 months following the in-person MC2 sessions.  

Sponsorship for Caregiver College

MACHE Caregiver College is funded by a grant to Senior Services, Inc. by the federal Administration for Community Living.