Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity is committed to raising awareness, sharing resources, and doing our part to empower men to increase health span and lifespan. Stay connected with us as we provide support and encourage men to take steps needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

The Black Men’s Health Forum hosted a virtual 6-week health education program. The goals were to:  

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of African American men health issues among African American men in the community and accountability partners of African American men in the community;  
  • Improve attitudes, intentions, and behavior towards improving overall health, seeking additional health-related information and resources among African American men, including brain health study participation, and accessing healthcare;  
  • Improve African American men’s attitudes and intention to participate in clinical health research; and  
  • Leverage family and friends in African American men’s lives to influence healthy behavioral changes among African American men. 

This forum was attended by African American men and their accountability partners. Each week, an expert in selected health topics provided attendees with information on the following health topics: Black men’s health and Black masculinity, mental health and coping strategies, cancer, sexual health, cardiovascular and metabolic health, and brain health and healthy aging.