Each session is an opportunity to discover some of our newest research, establish potential collaborations and see how we turn what we learn and into what we do as a learning health care system.

The series – modeled on TED Talks – showcases science at Wake Forest Baptist by highlighting current projects and data, strategic direction and future proposals. With an introduction by each chair or director, presenters include early and mid-career investigators, as well as trainees, residents, students and others. All are invited to attend.

To navigate the video playlist simply click the dropdown arrow to find the video to watch. Learn more about the highlighted presentations below.

Highlighted Presentation Videos

Microbiology and Immunology - Elena Clemens
Hear from Elene Clemens, doctoral student, on 'Is there antibody in there?' Where she discusses overcoming deficits in neonatal B cell response to influenza. 

Microbiology and immunology - Ariel Spurrier
Listen to Ariel Spurrier, Doctoral student, discuss "An unexpected role for virus infection in modulating pneumococcal vaccine mediated protection." 

Cardiovascular Sciences by Liliya Yamaleyeva, MD, MS
Liliya Yamaleyeva, MD, MS talks about "Uteroplacental Mechanisms in Hypertensive Pregnancy."

Neurosurgery by Ken Kishida, PhD
Ken Kishida, PhD discusses "Real time monitoring of dopamine and serotonin during conscious choice and subjective experience in humans."

Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine with Shay Soker, PhD
Shay Soker, PhD discusses 'Tissue Engineering of the Cardiovascular System'

Neurosurgery with Wesley Hsu, MD
Wesley Hsu, MD discusses 'The Role of Brachyury in Chordorna and Lung Cancer.'

Pathology & Section of Comparative Medicine by Nathan Stepanek Shaller, MD
Nathan Stepanek Shaller, MD, Assistant Professor, talks on 'Afterbirth: After Death.'

Pathology & Section of Comparative Medicine by Giselle Melendez
Giselle Melendez, Assistant Professor, talks about 'Myocardial Fibrosis: A New Frontier for Discovery in Cardiotoxicity Induced by Cancer Treatment.' 

Neurobiology and Anatomy by Ben Rowland, PhD
Ben Rowland, PhD, Associate Professor, talks about 'Rehabilitation Using the Principles of Multisensory Integration.'

Neurobiology and Anatomy by Emilio Salinas, PhD
Emilio Salinas, PhD talks on 'Characterizing cognitive control: how urgency makes a choice irresistible.' 

Biomedical Engineering with Scott Gayzik, PhD
Scott Gayzik, PhD discusses Human Modeling & Protecting Occupants in the Erz of Autonomous Vehicles. 

Biomedical Engineering by Ellie Rahbar, PhD
Ellie Rahbar, PhD discusses A Personalized Approach to Studying Trauma.  

Neurology by Rebecca Wells, MD, MPH
Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH talks about the Interest and Demand for Non-Opioid, Non-Drug Treatment Options for Migraines.  

Neurology by Roy Strowd, MD
Roy Strowd, MD discusses some of the new discoveries for patients with brain tumors.