Nick Ashburn, MD, Receives Department of Emergency Medicine’s First-Ever NIH K23 Grant

May 30, 2024

Nicklaus Powell Ashburn, MD, MS

Nicklaus Powell Ashburn, MD, MS, assistant professor of Emergency Medicine, has been awarded a K23 grant from the NIH/NHLBI for conducting a 5-year randomized control trial focused on providing preventative cardiovascular care for at-risk patients in the Emergency Department. He will evaluate a novel, protocolized intervention known as EMERALD (Emergency Medicine Cardiovascular Risk Assessment for Lipid Disorders), the first of its kind in the country.

This accomplishment is even more noteworthy due to it being the first time anyone in the Department of Emergency Medicine has earned this honor from the NIH. Ashburn and his team of experts in emergency medicine, cardiology, social sciences, and biostatistics helped design this patient-centered intervention that aims to improve the health of our community. Congratulations to Dr. Ashburn and his dedicated team of professionals for their unprecedented achievement.

The K23 award provides support for an intensive, mentored research career development experience for individuals with a clinical doctoral degree who have made a commitment to patient-oriented research.