About Me

I have 25 years of extensive experience in stem cells, tissue engineering, biomaterials, 3D organoids and regenerative medicine in urology and nephology. Since joining the institute, I have expanded my research to include studies of adult stem cells, decellularized extracellular matrix biological scaffolds and alginate microspheres to deliver growth factors in treatment of various diseases in the genitourinary tract system. 

My lab was the first to demonstrate that stem cells exist in urine and that those cells possess self-renewal and multipotent capacity, and secrete a serial growth factors and cytokines. My team has demonstrated that significant renal protection effect of USC in different renal failure animal models via anti-fibrosis, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative stress and pro-angiogenesis properties.

My team has successfully performed in vivo experiment of lower urinary tract reconstruction by USC-seeded biodegradable scaffold with microporous structure and also treats the interstitial cystitis, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, or diabetic foot wound healing via USC alone or USC combined with novel hydrogels. More recently, we demonstrated that 3D renal organoids generated from USC or USC-generating iPSC (u-iPSC) can be used for renal disease modeling, drug screening and therapeutic application.