About Me

I aim to identify the new molecular regulators and events involved in mitochondrial calcium flux/sensing, mitochondrial structural homeostasis, protein quality control, cell death, and how they contribute to the onset of cardiovascular diseases. Mitochondrial calcium exchange is a critical regulator of cellular bioenergetics, specifically in excitable cells, like cardiomyocytes, due to their high-energy demands. However, excessive mitochondrial calcium uptake also contributes to cell death and bioenergetic failure. To gain in-depth knowledge of mitochondrial organization and functions, my lab utilizes multidisciplinary approaches utilizing cell and molecular biology techniques, protein biochemistry, calcium flux analysis, cellular respiration measurements, omics-based approaches, live-cell imaging, mutant and transgenic mouse models, and in vivo physiological methods.

Current Projects:

  • Mitochondrial Ultrastructural Remodeling and Inter-Organelles Crosstalk
  • Protein Quality Control
  • Calcium signaling and mitochondrial ionic homeostasis
  • Cardiac Physiology and Metabolism