About Me

My research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and the effects of tau accumulation on cellular senescence and risk for chronic neurodegenerative diseases. These studies span basic mechanistic approaches using animal and cell culture models, as well as multicenter human clinical trials. I have a part-time research appointment at the Salisbury VA Medical Center, and I am committed to educating the next generation of scientists as co-founder and director of the Translational Research in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease course and through mentorship in my laboratory. 

My lab welcomes all inquisitive, respectful minds with a passion for research in brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease. We endorse diversity and do not tolerate discrimination. To influence positive changes, we first reflect on our own thoughts and behaviors, recognize and question our biases, and continually practice self-assessment to become better scientists, colleagues and citizens. We foster a safe interpersonal research environment and encourage open, respectful communication that promotes knowledge, understanding, and overall growth in thought and behavior. The Orr lab believes that a happy, healthy, balanced work environment cultivates effective scientific ambassadors that positively impact biomedical research and our community.