About Me

I am an MD, PhD translational researcher. Two intrinsic forces, scientific curiosity and the desire to serve those who suffer from diseases for which no cures currently exist, guided my professional training. Therefore, I studied medicine, and then dedicated my professional activity to the training and study of Cell Biology. Twenty-four years ago, I migrated my professional interests and activity to translational medicine informed by the field of cell therapy.

My knowledge of developmental and cell biology led me to assess the cellular interactions underlying oncogenesis, development of autoimmune diseases and renewal and regeneration of injured tissues using cell-based approaches. Cellular interactions occur, not only through paracrine secretions, but also through contacts and physical communications between damaged cells, those that reach the injured area to repair it (progenitor and immune cells) and the extracellular matrix that helps to direct the course of repair. 

This paradigm led me to discover that tissue-specific effector lymphocytes can induce the differentiation of mesenchymal stromal cells into target tissue progenitor cells. Thus, I has translated this scheme of immune directed differentiation of stem cells toward a therapy that allows patients to repair complete, chronic spinal cord injury, and the associated fibro-adipose muscular atrophy. Later I adapted this scheme for regeneration of all the tissues involved in Osteoarthritis and adjunctive therapy on reparative surgery, particularly for lip alveolus palatine cleft and others therapies.